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February 7, 2019

There’s much to say

With a silent smile,

We could have

Saved the day:

We were here.

What do you know?

We know your world,

Your darkest secrets.


Turn off the lights,

Don’t make a sound,

They’ll believe you absent,

There comes a knocking:

Don’t move.


They left,

They’re still nearby.

Sit beside a queen,

African queen.

She leans ….

Head on shoulder,

She’s tired.

Life’s hard for royalty.


You’ve no respect,

Not for neighbours.

I avoid them,

They’re a nuisance:

Let me pass

Without good day.


Good grief:

The princess snorts,

She has a cold,

It’s been going around:

One mansion to the next,

One castle ….


They’re well off,

Their home speaks volumes,

There’s a tennis court,

There’s an unshorn sheep,

It falls over.

Watch out for carnivores,



Why are they so far out?

There’s no train station,

They ride bikes,

We judge,

We judge their glibness,

Their grimness.


A cement house,

A prison,

Walk exercise yards,

Walk from end to end.

Offer services,

They’re accepted.


It would have been mediocre,

How do you not see that?

You’d have returned

Again and again.

You’d have charged a small fortune.


Call his name,

He’s lost.

The window was open ….


He made his escape,

He’s free,

He’ll die outside,

Outside in the winter,

A mild winter.


Does it get cold?

You’ll need a jacket,

A shirt and tie won’t suffice.


It’s a day’s pay ….

A month’s pay!

You worked for nothing,

You didn’t work at all.



You control her.

Cut her water supply,

Bring her sorrow.

‘Matthew. I’ll be late!’

Matthew will sympathise,

Matthew doesn’t know.

A weekend together,

Where are they bound?

A tragedy?

You can only hope.


She was here for nothing,

The black goddess,

God of water,

God of fire.


Steal words,

Not today,

You accuse,

We don’t listen,


The police,

They’d be only so glad.


You could leave,

Leave for a longer time,

More than two days ….


You’ll miss your train,

You’ll take a car,

It’s hot,

It’s stolen,

Manual transmission,

It’s too complicated.


How did it start?

A crash. A bang,

We saw you driving off,

Happiness. Hardship,

This is life,

A ship in a bottle.

Be ever careful ….


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