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February 8, 2019

What time will he be here?

Not yesterday. Today?

Touch nothing,

Leave me in the lurch,

Thursday, Friday ….


Monday’s critical,

Monday afternoon,

My true calling’s calling.


His name’s Walsh,

He’s at the top,

He’s the boss,

I come when I come.


Listen here,

It can’t wait,

I hear them,

They’re downstairs,

We’re in squalor,

No running water,

It’s perfect for them,

It’s a great joke,

Laughter all round.


I’m not amused,

I’m broke,

I’m broken,

I’ve been swindled.


Superiors ….

He has nothing to say,

Cigarette in mouth,

It’s fine by me,

Cut your losses,

Get out,

Don’t worry,

Sleep easy,

I slept easy,

The alarm roused me,

That’s a first,

First time in a while,

Walk a mile,

Don’t look back,

That’s what he said,

He looked back,

He turned around.


Do your worst,

Backs to the wall,

See him suffer,

He’s suffering still.


He’s ill,

He’s alone,

Walk out on him,

The line’s thin,

The opening’s spread wide,

There’s no pleasure,

Don’t worry,

Life’s not for joy,

Life’s hardship,

Welcome home,

Don’t lie now,

That was never said,

Two years ago ….

It’s forgotten,

A long time ago.


Move straight,

What’s the next line?

A glass of wine,

Congratulations ….


You’re done with it all,

Save your pennies,

See you later,

It’s about time,

I need you,

Right now it’s you,

It’s all on you,

Insurance will cover it,

God bless ….


Lord and saviour,

We speak Hebrew,

King of the Jews,

A low caste.


Impoverished in Japan,

See land,

We’re taking in water,

We’re out further,

We’re too far out,

We’ll do it for free,

That’s very kind,

Ever so kind

Don’t you find?



Purse your lips,

It’s bad for him,

Blow a kiss.


It’s most strange,

Another language,

Understand nothing,

Do no wrong,

It was never my doing,

Call the police,

Yes. Let’s,

They find you guilty,

Guilty of insanity,

Five drowned children,

A slow death,


I still love her,

Fit to stand trial,

One more baby

As per my wish,

The baby was her doom,

Now she’s drugged,

She sees all.


Think always,

Never at peace,

Have a feast,

Last supper ….


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