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February 9, 2019

We’ll be back with the boss,

We can’t act alone,

A long day,

Dawn till dusk,

Up and down stairs,

The sunrise, sunset,

The sun sets on another day.


Will she return?

Will she crash and burn?

One can only hope,

There’s moisture on the walls,

Ask him a question,

A reasonable question,

He speaks in riddles,

He writes in rhymes.


A threat,

A week of threats,

Bring the police in,

A leaking roof,

Everything’s in place,

Don’t knock it out of place,

It’s on a stand,

They play with tubes,

Building blocks.


We’ll work for free,

It all worked out,

Not for my sworn enemy,

The food’s overcooked,

It’s good for nothing.


A homecoming,

The prodigal son,

There was an accident,

This wasn’t planned.


He’s ailing,

He’s weary,

He’s wary,

It’s poison!




It’s too early,

You’re up too late,

Who’s to blame?

Learn respect,

No one’s concerned,

No one except you,

You see flaws,

They see virtue.


Is this a new lover?

You moved on swiftly,

You’ve turned the page,

Were you not broken?

For the shortest time.


A children’s book,

The author fell out of favour,

She went the suicide way,

A classical demise.


What of the others?

You took them down,

They’re at your level.


Destiny called to her,

She was destined to never return,

Where is she buried?

The land of heathens,

Of philanderers,

Of poets …. poetry.


A tragic end,

So much for justice,

So much for equality.


Will she know?

Will she learn the truth?

There are no troubles,

Not here.


A leaking roof,

Look from on high,

Epistolary relations,

You’ll never be seen,

They’re still there,

You’re long gone,

You’re free.


Apartment living,

Live in a squat,

It’s hard living,

Come. Join us,

She remembered at length,

She’s appreciative,

Kind words were spoken,

An age has passed,

It’s too long ….

Miserable wretch.


In a sorry state,

Never apologise,

Act concerned ….



When does the day begin?

He sleeps till noon,

Well-deserved rest,

Walk and talk,

Good night,




It’s tiresome,

Adult life,

Critique performances,

Never again,

Your god will be here,

You won’t be there,

You’re needed on the coast,

Chicken dinner,

Move out,

There’s no one else,

You were the one ….


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