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February 10, 2019

Out of house and home,

A car crash,

She’ll never return.


Peace is restored,

Find a buyer …. never,

Darkness remains.



In the doldrums,

With the blues.


A prison cell,

Quite homely,

Perfect for one.


Did it rain today?

Maybe a little,

The floor’s flooded.


Insurance companies,

Let the water out,

Soapy water.




Hold his head.


He bucks,

He charges,

It’s midmorning.



Slowly goes the song,

Go into the chapel.


Priest in his church,

King in his castle,

Who’s in the dungeon?


Return home,

It’s again free,

Tuesday night follies.


Did you hear it?

It was unmissable,

Bass drum. Bass guitar.


Army fatigues,

It’s early,

Time for bed.


No one knows him,

No one except the masses,

Sir. Madam.



Look above,

An eclipse.


The hour to suffer,

Remove tiles,

It’s unnecessary.


It’s an event,

The streets are dead,

She slips and slides.


Intensive care,

Pull the plug

Before his time.


Prematurely aged,

The wine’s fine,

It’s ripe.


Smile in vain,

It will soon pass,

You’ll have memories.


He sings to loves,

For loves,

He knows nothing of love.


Leave a son,

Live a dream,

They’re lovers.


She’s perfect,

She’s exotic:

She’s Spanish.


To the south we go,

She’s locked up,

She’s a victim.


She brought shame,

She seduced,

She’s a temptress.


She’s forgiven,

She’s forgotten,

They tied her down.


Father in the sun,

See his face,

Her face is hidden.


A veil,

A bride,

She’s in white.


It’s still early,

It’s noon,

Adieu friends.


It was simple,

Easy laughter,

There was no burden.


Go out of town,

Head north-west,

Pay the fine.


Pay the rent,

The devil’s fashion,

Red and black …. ash.


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