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February 11, 2019

We’re available,

Stay inside,

In the warmth.


Weary and cold,

Just one error,

Lady Luck,

Fate transpired.


Against the current,

A broken down shack,

That was my home,


It wasn’t worth it.


What’s been missed?

What’s been lost?

She’s taken her leave,

Mother. Grandmother,

See you soon,

Did you head north?


Down south,

The heart’s there,

Adieu to nothingness,

Too much to drink,

An extra pill,

Sleeping pill,

Where there’s a will ….


Farewell best friends,

Act promptly,

React to threats,

Respond in kind,

Back home they cure,

No more addiction,

No more obsession,

No more new songs.


At the cutting edge,

Before their time,

Young girl on a stage,

Now she’s a dream,

We speak of her longly,

Over coffee, glasses of water,

Yes. A half-bottle of wine,

It was all understood,

It’s impressive ….


Then, it was a pleasure,

What’s left to regret?

Is there hope?

Barren futures,

Infertile land,

Dig up weeds,

Much joy,

That was life,

This is an impostor,

Buy or rent?



An old soul,

Rising odours,

Worn out carpeting,

Broken refrigerators,

Tomorrow, there are troubles,

So long joy,

Late nights,

Long walks,

Death marches,

Welcome Nazis.


The Japanese are here,

No comment,

No reply,

Break hearts,

She’s elderly,

She’s far from home,

Italians ….

Food in mouth,

Endless hunger,

The ground’s dry,

Stick your head out,

Grenade attack.



Forget their language,

It’s easy there,

Live with failure,

How are you?

She’s thinking of you,

She’s from the past,

Nine years have passed,

All had gone wrong,

Early mornings,

Aboriginal lovers,

Now there’s a baby,

They’ve forgotten you ….


Many think of you,

Dust off your drums,

Play in alleyways,

You were perfect then,

You were passionate,

Car crash,

Walk home,

She abandoned us,

Left alone, we struggled,

Replace one with another,

No need to learn names,



Whore around town.


A restaurant,

He’s doing the dishes,

He wishes us well,

He sticks his head out,

Don’t lose her,

It’s too late,

Have a coffee,

She’s in pyjamas,

It’s time to leave,

To live ….

She was right,

She was in love,

It was tragic,

Don’t listen,

Concede defeat.


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