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February 12, 2019

The water’s off

Without warning,

These ears are deafened,

She’ll be glad,

‘She’. Wench,

She’s downstairs,


False sympathy.



Background music,

Low volume,

All we hear are vocals.


Live in the shadows,


Ride elephants,

Make chimps dance,

Chimps. Bears,

Tigers. Lions,

Sea creatures.



Sweet sorrow,

Home sweet home,

Welcome home

Prodigal son,

Come. You’re the one,

Snake charmer,


A great man,

He’s unknown,

He suffers,

If only ….


Sacred words ….

They count for nothing.


There’s light,

Praised be he,

Since when are we dry?

You’re a replacement,

You’re worse than us,

Lower than us,

There’s a hierarchy,

Find your place.


Help them out,

Out of their clothes,

Wife ….

Wife …. Lover ….


Is it she?

She without a word,

It’s impossible,

Of course …. love,

Darling one,

Darling bud.


Third world,

First world,

We’ve problems,

Don’t mention it,

Don’t speak,

Whisper ….


There’s no one to ask,

You’re alone!

You’re surrounded,

Stay inside,

Your own space,

Counted for dead.


Turn the handle,

It struggles,

It’s backed up,

Die in vain,

Start up again.


What are you doing now?

Right now,

That wasn’t the question ….

Love ….


There was love

Down the street,


Doctor ….

Doctor. Do something.


It’s too soon,

Too early,

Knock on doors,

Wake him,

Haunt him.



Can you hear it?

Background noise ….



It comes as a shock,

There was no warning,

A warning after the fact.


He’s new!

Lynch him!

String him up!


The afterworld

After hours,

Death comes easy.


Meet the man,

The men,

There are but women,

Pretty things,

Frilly things.


Perhaps it’s always the case,

Don’t call down,

Call up,

Call across,

Come running,

To the rescue.


They’re out of earshot,

Out of sight,



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