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TO M., TO S.

March 25, 2019

Her promises

Count for nothing,

See her back when,

It wasn’t right,

It seemed wrong.


Take her hand as

She sings off key,

Her magical voice,

Her sacred verse.


Her ukulele,

Her powerful drumming,

Slow, loud, repeat.



You’re in no position,

Still, you question,

You question questions,

That’s already been said,

It’s already been sung.


He moves with grace,

He spends a fortune,

He makes their day,

Shut down the store,

No comment.


Listen silently,

No rounds of applause,

Only mockery.


There’s amusement

In the prison,

See his mugshot,

It’s unjust.


Leaks to the media,

Worry for truth,

Your love ….

She’s still your love,

There’s been none other,

No one else,

She was perfection.


Stay home with her,

Slow mornings,

She knew the name,

You knew hers,

She sat in sunlight,

Days grew dark ….


Write her well,

She’s long gone,

She replies,

Wondrous words,

She’s an inspiration,

She’s more.


Temporary friends,

She was eternal,

She’s still here

In your thoughts,

She’s in dreams,

Morning comes.



Sit out this hand,

Sit them all out,

Risk it all,

Think of her

Too late.


You erred,

She’d have been ….

She’d have been yours.


What’s her game?

She hides herself well,

She hides in shadows,

She’s before us

On a stage.


She’s a teacher,

She’s a victim,

She’s abused,

She’s an easy target.


How’s her daughter?

Is she well?

She’s how old?

It’s irrelevant.


Sometimes, you break,

You’ve overcome

But still, you break,

Sleep away life:

That’s where she lives.


Why did she leave you?

She was never yours,

She was your secret,

She saw straight through,

It became clear,

As clear as glass,

Dirty windows ….


See the sky at night,

Doom approaches,

This is her passion,

She’s dishonest,

She lies so well.


Join her on stage,

Some remember,

You chose to forget,

You chose wrong.


She wrongs you,

She lies,

She lied,

She still lies,

She lies until she’s here,

Until she’s near.


This is whose trap?

You’re in her grip ….

She plays you well.


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