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March 26, 2019

I recognise her face,

Her handiwork.

Yes. He’s at my feet,

He’s less than human,

He’s worth less.


He weeps,

Make him weep.

He’s cruel,

Tell him he’s cruel.

Break and enter,

Tell the world.


The world’s watching,

A small minority.

What does coffee cause?

An early death,

A slow demise ….



A lowly pastime,

Win a fortune,

Lose much more.


Don’t speak of this.


Oh. She’s surprised,

He’s confused.

It’s his first time –

He’s slowly dying.



A blonde sings.

A well known song,

A well known blonde.


Stay inside the door,

It opens. It closes.

It’s out of order,

Damn these small towns.


Pay a heavy price,

It takes its toll.

See the young,

The future.

Miss, Mister,

Miss the name.


All is new,

It’s spring,

Babies are born,

They’ll grow up wrong ….



Say a prayer,

Cross yourself,

Refuse. You refuse,

She refused.


Trod on toes.

It’s as fast as ….

He’s not so fast.


They’re twins

Separated at birth.


A baby boy,

A full grown man.

Confronted by death,

By abuse.


We’ve lost count,

We hear no more.

It’s elsewhere,

Across the sea.

There’s a divide,

A barrier.


Hurt sensibilities,

They’re sensitive.

Of course,

Again, he’s under my feet.

He’s made an escape.


Have a painkiller,

Take three,

Then …. to bed.


It’s a waste of money,

A waste of life.

That’s what he said,

He has nothing to lose.

You’ve much to offer,

Your soul.


Speak of he

Who’s under your feet.

See the crows fly,

They’re in the trash,

A trash covered floor.


They’re responsible,

They’re held without charge.

There’s no denying.


A hard day’s work.


Play a scratch ticket,

Win. Lose. It’s unimportant.

Come along,

We’ll be here till dawn.


Shake his hand,

She has a firm grip.

She controls you,

You’re trusted,

You can be trusted.


Order a round,

You don’t even know,

You can’t speak.

There’s silence

At the coffee bar.


Is he still here?

Has he learnt?

He went wrong,

He lived with fools.


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