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TO S. 2

March 28, 2019

Hear her words


She’ll be here

In old age,




Adieu, love,

Once, it was true,

A sacred prayer.



Live within,


Silent words.


Interior worlds


She found peace,

She sang of peace,

She was wrong.


Eighteen years,


Does she dream?

Does she still?


She’s lost,

She’s blind,

An obstacle,

She sees not.


What of presents?

Live within,

Think of her,

Act alone.



She was blonde,

It was shocking,

Now it’s too much,

She’s too much.


Rip up gardens,

It’s by chance,

Barren ground,

There’s a grave.


How does she live?

It’s impossible,

Move out east,

Further out.


She’s herself,

She’s none other,


She’s here.


Losing gods,

She sees them fall

One by one,

Two by two.


Hold hands,

She’s afraid,

She looks

To the past,

She looks far.


She evaporates,

She dissolves,

She’s quiet now,

Fate drags

Her down.




Does it remain?

Will it remain?


It’s too soon,

She’s late,

She’s back,

She’s on time.


What happened

To small rooms?

All’s dark today,

All’s foreign.


Outer space

Is fine

For a day,

For three.


She’s in touch,

She touches down,

She’s back safely,

She’s alone.


Seven years,

She’s with friends,

She’s surrounded

Before a stage,

Her stage.


What did she say?

She’s free,

A fool,

A fool’s word,

A fool’s heart.


She’s wounded,

It comes

Back around,

She’s hurt.


She died once,

She spoke

Of her demise,

She was broken,

She recovered.


Where is she?

She’s nowhere,

Nowhere near,

She’s forsaken,

She forsook.


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