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March 29, 2019


She’s married,

She’s gone,

A love,

A true love,

It’s done.


The first:

Wedding bells,

A child,

A new name.


The second:

Which is the second?

The longest time,

A baby,



The third:

It’s already been said.


The fourth,

Go far for her

For nought,

Learn her language,

See her world,

She’s still the one.


Come calling,


Two or three,

Don’t think of her

At critical moments,

The critical moment,

There was a moment,

Then, adieu,

So long nothing,


She’s in the sun,

A bright sun,

The sun of the south,

Deep south.


No dear,

This isn’t you,

This isn’t for you,

You made victims,

Victims surround you.


There were martyrs,

Lie down here,

Lie beside her,

She tells lies,

Know better,

Know the truth.


False positives,


Blow up pictures,

Freudian slips,

Language problems,

Blame the language,

Know what’s real.


She gave a chance,

She never gives chances,

Her words,

Interior worlds,

Inner worlds,

See outside,

See freedom,

It’s out of reach.


They bring him down,

They sought to,

They failed,

Keep a straight face,

Keep words straight.



In the past,


It was real,

Now it’s long ago,

She forgets

Beside a husband.


There was a rose,

A red rose,

A letter,

A younger sister,

She believed.


Win the wrong heart,

Hopeless dates,

How does she know?

Does she still know?

An errant introduction,


Does she hear?

Now’s a distant place.


A magical bride,

See her in white,

See her in his arms,

All’s imperfect,

She’s perfect,

She’s still perfect,

She’s another’s dream,

She’s but a dream,

See her at night.


Reality’s startling,

It’s striking,



Hold her under,

Count to ten,

A hundred,

Forty thousand,

She remains his,

Idiot faces.


There was a moment,

Never forget,

Then, it was right,

She was to be ….



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