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March 30, 2019

Idiot responses,

See me out,

See you soon,

See you never.


Or am I the last?

That’s been said

Already. Regret,

Think. Reflect.


The wrong word,

What was the point?

Win back trust,

Win back faith.


Miss her call,

Darling girl,

She’s charming,

What’s now said?


Behind closed doors,

Learn. Always, learn,

Yesterday’s long gone,

Today’s eternal.



That’s life,

Live at their feet,

Apologise at length.


What would you do?

Take her slowly,

Take her softly,

Make her the one.


It’s her error,

I’m unfaithful,

Break her in two,

It’s oh so simple.


Wait for Monday,

A long wait,

A long weekend,

Call out their names.


They’re most beautiful,

They’re young,

Ripe for the picking,

Whisper in my ear.


A new expression,

Grow accustomed

To her body,

It’s most strange.


Change your tone,

We’re now lovers,

Soon, adieu,

You’re forgotten.


Would be wife,

Romance her

With roses,

Easy gestures.


Step to the front

Set yourself up

For falls,

One final fall.


What will she say?

What does she say?

You know too well,

It’s much the same.


Serene prayers,

It’s dearer,

It’s more important,

Play with her heart.


Her soul’s in your hands,

It’s a dark pit,

Blinding blackness,

Blinding light.


The end of the alley,

A long, straight road,

See her world,

Shatter her dreams.


There’s no prayer,

Rhythmic chanting,

She was soon to be,

She’s remained.


She’s unmarried,

One step further,

To change one vow ….

Just one vow ….


Discover yourself,

Rooms of women,

Take your pick,

Let her be.


You’ll be absent,

They’ll call on you,

Make yourself known,

They’re envious.


Brittle bones,

Fall down the stairs,

Don’t set out,

Stay in the warmth.


The summer air calms,

Where are they?

The day of rest,

It’s far from tragic.


Lose out at length,

In the end run free,

Let her know

It’s over.


She’s destroyed,

She looks elsewhere,

Now all’s over,

Kiss and tell.


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