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April 2, 2019

Keep a secret,

Call her love,

Who’s in mind?


Darling girl,

Charming girls.


Play the guitar,

It’s late,

A foe’s downstairs.


Passionate dreams,

Serenade her,

A deep voice,

Sing off key.


She’s a queen

At the opera,

She’s on high.


Meet them there,

At the theatre.


Stray downtown

In a cab.


She’s married,

It’s tragic,

Not terribly,

She’s long gone.


Let’s have lunch,

Let’s discuss,

Let’s plan:



Memorise lines,

Five minutes,

Speak in turn.


Real examples,

It’s untrue.


They’re from the south,

They’re fortunate,

So she says.


Time’s to waste,

Three hours,

A phone call,

He won’t answer,

He’s no more,

He’s outside

With precious hearts.


Where’s his hole?

Film his squalor,

Shame him,

He had more,

More than them.


He’s cruelled,

He teaches them,

They learn.



Of women,

Of young girls,

He knew much.


She won’t return,

There’s regret,

Her life’s begun,

Only just,

Just barely,

Call her doctor.


Raven-haired delight,

We don’t forget,

We don’t forgive,

We believe,

He was a fool,

So we said.


He’s false,

All is fake,

His marriage:

A sham.


We’ve moved on,

Recall well

Dear son,

They abandoned,

They abandon.


Don’t stay near,

You’re a stranger,

Names invade,

Old names,

New hope.


Dark nights,

Bright days,

Crows fly by,

It’s an omen.


Tie up loose ends,

Fertile ground,

Let them starve.


Play dumb,

You know not,

A sorry dream,


You’ve no right.


Pay her out,

Pay her way,

She’ll pay for years,

Cap and gown,



A pregnant wife,

A lost bride,

Stand beside her,

Remain behind,

We’re behind her ….

No more.


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