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April 4, 2019

A song in mind,

An evening,

A new story,

A land of women.


Take her hand,

Kiss it lightly,


Lie beside her.


Deep brown eyes,

Once it was simple,

Those days are past,

Walk her home,

A dark porch,

Perfect moments.


What was her name?

Darling girl,

First true love,

Move away,

Don’t look back



A train station,

This spells the end,

She’s on her way,

She’s in the past.


She went away,

She’s returned,

A great beauty ….



Her words are lies,

Her face is pure,


She steals hearts.


Speak for her,

A cup of tea,

A wooden chair,

That was home,

That was the world,

There was nothing more.


It was all so simple,

Weekends in bed,

Late mornings,

Take her slowly,

Take her peace,

She’s now troubled.


Bright days out windows,

She’s pale,

She’s sickly,

Her hair’s dirty,

Cigarette smoke,

Breathe in. Breathe out.


She understood,

She’ll return,

She’ll reread letters,

She’ll fall again,

She’ll stumble,

Magical first dates.


Where was she from?

She couldn’t say,

Indistinct accents,

Outrage and lust.


We don’t know,

It doesn’t exist,

Strange numbers,

Believe the hype,

Blonde hair ….

Fall over backwards.


Bend to her will,

Will she?…

Won’t she?…

It becomes clear.


She knows the truth,

A second word,

A third world,

A final prayer.


Black and white,

Brown rice,

Sorrowful promise,

Prise it out.


She’ll be a bride,

She’ll be a wife,

Till death?

Till death.


See the world,

Tell tales,

Long strolls,

End in Rome.


She’s a vision,

She’s barely visible,

It’s negligible,

Questioning face,

There’s mistrust,

A sacred pledge.


Think of her in vain,

Realise too soon,

She’s the one ….

There’s another.


She’s in the shadows,

She’s hiding,

She’s unsure,

She’s incognito,

She’s a phantom,

See straight through.


There will be lies,

She’ll consent

In her sleep,

She’ll smile,

She’s still here,

She’ll never leave.


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