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April 5, 2019

Step back

Twenty five years.

She’s thirty,

She’s eternally thirty.


Does he know?

Does he think?

Where did he go?

Where is he now?


It’s too far out,

Too far from home.

Strange men greet

Little women.


Hey little lady,

Sit right here,

Have no fear ….

She fears.


Brown face,

White face,

Pale face,

God’s face.


Write ransom notes,

Suicide notes.

He’s doting,

He’s amiss.


Soon comes death,

It comes slowly,

It sidles up ….




She was a friend

For one day.

Talk about her.


She was a lover,

She was a love.

The wrong language,

It’s unintelligible.


She’s illiterate,

She was barred

From school.

She read the Bard.


She heard his voice

From centuries ago.

She saw actors

On stage.


In dark corners

They hide.

Cells fit for vermin,

Sit for hours.


Break spirits,

Drink spirits.

Ghostly whispers.

They’re reluctant.


A phone rings,

The same number.

It stops and starts,

It stops.


The halfway house,

Children are ashamed.

She’ll never return.

It’s tragic.


Tragic figures,

Romantic figures.

Elizabethan era,

A bloody mess.


Heading east

To greener pastures.

What did he say?…

There’s plenty.


There’s much to lose,

Much to use,

To abuse.

Again, little women.


Again, little lady,

Leave her behind,

She weeps.

Smiling mugshots.


Mona Lisa in prison

For seventeen minutes.

Middle ages,

Just before.


She’s unjust

In skirt and stockings.

She’s buxom,

She’s bespectacled.


She’s boyish,

She’s among girls.

Say her name,

Vampire name.


Saints and sinners,

Holy ghosts.

Sacred men,

They’re startled.


Arise with a start.

Is she injured?

She’s been punished,

Two black eyes.


This has never been,

This will never be.

Fallen heroes,




Write theses.


She’s cold.


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