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April 9, 2019

Simple language,

Great achievements,


Fine finesse.


It’s been days,

What to add?

A new moment,

A moment ago,

Moments pass slow.


Dangerous displays,

From kingdoms to rags,

Disparate states.


Does she miss home?

Does she care?

She made herself there,

She’s alone,

She’d be best accompanied,

How is she known?

She’s known worldwide,

It’s a conundrum.


Pay them a pittance,

They’re passionate,

Summers at home,

It’s winter there,

It’s winter now,

It’s springtime,

All through the season,

Autumn ….


Years ago,


Don’t forget,

There’s no more,

There are traps,

There was hope,

Turn the table.


Blind rage,

Blind wives,

Bearded phonies,

Is he gone?

Cut him off,

He’s now useful,

He’d be useful,

Burn bridges,

That’s life.


They’re open,

She’s open,

Her secret woes,

A glass of wine?

A beer,

She’s gone further.


It’s hopeless,

She promised,

Offer her a rose,

Carefully worded letters,

First drafts,

Rough drafts,

Ancient love,



Ordered photographs,

Happy birthday

Birthday boy,

He’s in reverse.


Where is he?

Not him,



Faith boils over.



Mother tongues,

Mother’s tongue.



His family’s motto,

His family’s crest.


She comes around,

She’s missed,

She’s set free,

Cut her loose.


She’s in the snow,

It’s getting late,

Early mornings,

Dark evenings,



Bottles are lined up,

Knock one over,

The last.


There’s nothing to see,

There’s no more hope,

Windows are covered,

Blackened rooms,

Fear in small rooms.


Don’t be afraid,

Slow music,

She’s changed,

It’s all for cash,

Keep track.


How do they know

What’s outside?

A void ….


They’re the experts,

What’s behind this wall?

A mystery.



Daughter hens,

Cocks crow,

It’s dawn,

They’re glad,

They know the way,

The way home.


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