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April 14, 2019

There was something then,

Something to say,

Gradual changes,

Not so gradual.


Cut it out,

Cut out the cancer,

Leave him alone,

Leave him in corners,

Let him be.


It’s not unusual,

He’s the one,

We knew him then,

We knew his name.


She listens out,

She’s downstairs,

She’s bound,

She’s gagged,

She chokes,

She’s erotic.


Who’d have guessed?

It was all below,

Beneath the surface,

Kiss him softly.



One in two,

She’s out back,

She’s alone,

She awaits love,

Love knocks light,

A feather touch,

Not so much.


Famed expressions

On golf courses,

An outlet,

A warm sun.


It hits hard,

Break into rooms,

Lonesome rooms,

Allow dust and dirt ….

Allow fleas.


She’s away,

No naked bodies,

Not this morning,

Saturday night.


It’s dark,

Draw the blinds,

There’s little interest.


More is less,

Covered bodies

On train tracks,

A cup of coffee.




How were they blind?

How did they not see?



He’s guilty,

She’s innocent,

He was found innocent,

Courts of law.


It’s amazing,

He was amazed,

He was amused,




Console him,

Confide in him,

Classical cities

Expecting rain.


It hammers down,

It hails,

Glass shatters,

Glass bottles,

Look over fences,



He was a child,

Sing of other worlds,

Grow up there,

Speak up. Weep.


The word’s helpless,

He’s condemned,

He condemns,


He killed him,

Put him down,

Lay him to rest.


The wrong land,

Historic land,

Speak their language,

There’s a sign.


He signs his name,

It wasn’t him,

It was his double,

He’s not that grim,




That was the word,

That’s what he said,

He lied,

He lies.


A flawless smile,

A lopsided grin,

He was out of time,

That was then,



They fly about.


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