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April 15, 2019

So that was her name,

She was young,

It was unfortunate,

Love in strange climates,

In heavy rain,

Under overcast skies.


She’s downcast,

She looks him over,

He’s changed,

Sixteen days,


Radios cut out.


Absent students

In denial,

Instrumental music,

He was cruel,

He was cruel then,



Leave her,

Leave town with her,

An enemy’s down south,

Sitting on a beach,

Up north

At a loss.



Sleep’s slow,

It could be so easy,

She’s in his lap,

Read of her,

Madam Mystery.


Lonesome summers,


Blacked out windows,

It becomes hard,

Walk back and forth,

Dark contemplations.


He’ll never reply,

It’s over,

He was once away,


Darling brides,

Older women.


Learn from her,

Turn on her,

Run after her,

This is eternal,

A doomed soul,

This is a hell.


She welcomes him,

It’s been years,

She’s perfect,

Walk by her,

There’s not a word,



Tame her soul,

She’s ill at ease,

Make a home with her,

She’ll flee,

She’ll always flee,

She’s the right age.


Write her well,

A quiet word,

A stagnant pool,

She’s silent,

She’ll remain silent,

She’ll remain.


Against her will,

She stays,

She’ll stray,

So they say,

Keep her out late,

She breaks promises.


She frees herself,

Early next year ….

It’s adieu,

So long,

So long sorrow,

So long tears.


Is she free?

She imagines,

This is a trap,

There’s a hole,

She stole souls,

She made her way.


What did she see?

She’ll say that she saw,

There’s nothing near,

There’s nothing here,

She’s a song,

Sing to her at once.


Pray to heathens,

At length they pay,


He knows too well,

He’s a thief

Sitting in prison.


Tie his hands,

Take the stand,

Weep and beg,

There’s no way out,

There are hidden prayers,

She doesn’t care.


How is it that she knows?

Slow evenings,

Slowly wander,


Contemplate stars,

What’s her sign?…


It’s a sign,

She’s right,

A holy fright,

A sacred night,


A final word.


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