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TO J. 2

April 16, 2019

Religion burns,

She’s forever young,

She smiles,

A beauty,

She’s ghostly.


Say her name ….

She’ll never appear,

Does she recall?

She forgets,

She grows.


A tragedy,

A flaw,

Out of control,

Out of reach

For a second ….


Turn music on,

Listen sweetly,

In silence,

Grow out of shame,

Grow up too late.


She knew herself,

She’s far away,

She’s far out,

Take her out,

Take her away.


On the piano,

An eternal image,

Eternal images,

She’s eternal,

She’s married ….


She haunts,

Her final thought,

It’s lost,

Does she regret?

She reunites.


She’s gone to waste,

A foreign body,

Don’t forget,

In that room ….

She was there.


Scars heal,

Friday evenings,

Late evenings,

She brushes her hair,

Thick, dark hair.


Analyse dirt,

That’s her vocation,

What does she see?

She wastes away ….

So long.


Does she regret?

What does she regret?

She regrets the same,

What dos she hear?

She’s here.


There’s fear,

She’s warm,

A fever,

In flames,

Remember ….



To err,

An errant youth,

A childhood,

It went wrong then.




Why was she born?

Why was she there?

She tortures.




Fall slow,

Ashes to ashes,

Again ….


What did she play?

What did she say?

What does she?…

A wondrous mind,

Burrow deep.


Turn away,

Forge a path,

Dead end roads,

Again, a fool,

Again, she’s there.


Perfect before her time,

There’s no time now,

There are words,

Words betrayed,

What’s her story?


A child ….

Whose child is this?



Then this ….


Who is this mystery?

She was unhappy,

Now she lies

And all’s fine,

All’s well.


Don’t dream,

She screams,

Long days

Locked away,

The door’s open.


To know her ….

To hold her ….

She’s on a step,

On her tiptoes,

A kiss ….


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