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The end of the book,

The final line,

Say adieu,

She was my love,

Will we meet again?

The stars say no,

I don’t listen,

Close your ears,



It’s a warning,


I feel nothing,

He didn’t come,

I slept off blues,

She called,

I didn’t stir,

I knew it was her,

We’re compassionate,

The world’s cruel.


Don’t look outside,

Beyond the walls,

Skies are grey,

The sun will shine,

I’ll perish,

Rain will fall,

Snow will freeze,

I’ll slip and slide,

He sounds absurd,

He speaks well,

I’m barely able.


The rising tide,

Return home,

Spit upon the ground,

The staircase,

We’re not animals!

No: they’re superior.


A smiling face

In the background,

She’s unpleasant,

She does good,

She’s unattractive,

I blame her,

Make yourself up,

Do yourself over,

Do yourself in.


She gave up,

I gave in,

I love her face,

That’s all,

Her body ….

Tall and thin,

Taller than me,

Smarter than me,

This isn’t difficult,

Oh, to be another ….


Paint portraits,

Naked bodies,


It fades,

I repeat myself,

Original thoughts ….



She’s a legend,

She goes down in history,

The wrong path,

I misunderstood,

I was blind,


It becomes clear,

I’m awakened,

Rest, windows open,

Noisy streets,

They’re rowdy,

Who is this ‘they’?

They’re not of our kind,

We’re right,

They’re wrong,

They’re black,

You fear them,

I feel at home.


That’s enough of that,

You were alive,


That passed,

They eclipsed you,

They were advantaged,

You were weak,

Of unsound mind,

He broke your heart,

It shattered,

One more go around.


Rise with the birds,

Sing a sad tale,

We desire life,

Far from the past,

I knew her pain,

I made a choice,

She was forced,

Faith pushed her.


Famous philanderer,

They kill themselves,

The same method,

One took her child,


It means nothing,

Look away,

Ignorance is bliss,

You lived through death,

The afterlife.


They’ll soon arrive,

I’ll be there tomorrow,

Will peace find me?

No, for she’s no more,

Before her time,

We still read verse,

In a hearse,

On a gurney.



You’ve no shame,

I don’t care for your worries,

Go to the doctor,

Which doctor?


I’m just as open,

There’s a stigma,

I’m fine with this,

I pay a heavy price.


He does me in,

I top myself,

She said as such,

She went the same way.


Her husband,

Her true love,

He’s no more,

Leave a daughter.


You profit off him,

Play it wrong,

The guitar,

It’s upside down.


I’m invited,

Give it a miss,

I won’t be there,

Never again.


I’m fanatical,

I was,

Now all’s calm,

I’m most wise.


Early nights,

Broken spines,

She’s injured,

She was the one.


How is it spelt?

A signature,

Secret codes,

A warm winter.


A lonesome day,

Past times,

Speak their language,

They’re silent.


They’re hopeless,

They’re abandoned,


Don’t respond.


Don’t react,

That’s a lie,


Not at all.


I smell her scent,

Her sweat,

Hitch a ride,

She’s forgotten.


A sorry state,

A quiet beach,

Middle of nowhere,

Join us.


Cry out,

Say her name,

Scream. Shout,

She doesn’t hear.


He’s locked away,

She was invited,

She was battered,

She saved her.


Count on me,

I’m your man,

Again, I steal,

Petty thief.


It’s a game,

Listen hard,


Denounce him.


He’s in chains,

Tears of joy,

He’s where he belongs,

He’s harmless.


Lynch him,

String him up,

Walk alone,

A small yard.


Back and forth,

He’s disgusting,

Misspent youth,

She’s not yours.


Brother knows best,

Sister. Mother,


I did the deed.


It’s a long way down,

Head south,

The scenic route,

Nothing but lies.


He’s older,

He regrets,


He was confused.


Double homicide,

Mass murder,

It was by chance,

She’s too young.


There’s a future,

See you there,

It’s morning,

I’m late.


Searching for reason,

It makes no sense,

They’re before me,

Outside my window,

I’ll soon join them.


It’s four o’clock,

The morn breaks slowly,

It’s dark outside,

What’s your number?

Don’t worry. I’m fine.


Fear of telephones,

I’ll call you, friend,

Retirement homes,

Animals come here,

They’re well looked after.


I have my favourites,

Correct my English,

Who are you, dear?

You tormented me,

You exhausted me.


It lasted hours,

You lost yourself,

I lost myself,

My heart and soul,

Step to the street.


There’s no reason,

Rhyme for no reason,

My love didn’t rhyme,

She was beautiful,

She went her own way.


Sing her praises,

Forget easily,

She’s eternal,

Keep her in mind,

I see her in dreams.


You’re over the hill,

We don’t want you,

You’re not welcome,

We shut you down,

It’s a horror film.


Death and destruction,

Quite a dilemma,

This isn’t for you,

We’re bloodthirsty,

Stick your teeth in.


This is fine for you,

Not at all, fool,

Fatally flawed,

Let’s have a drink,

Then it’s adieu.


I don’t believe you,

I didn’t. I’ve faith,

The other side,

Listen. Harmonise,

I couldn’t reply.


She just arrived,

I leave her be,

Many take her hand,

She’s the most precious,

She’s overweight.


It’s no tragedy,

She’s in the shadows,

Translate for me,

Are you at home?

You’re far away.


You always lied,

I never listened,

A strange man spoke,

He stuck his head in,

He’s a danger.


I threaten him,

He disturbed me,

I arose slowly,

I turned to face him,

He turned away.


Night’s coming on,

I see little,

I see a church,

I’m barred from it,

I’m ill at ease.


I see them praying,

Crosses on walls,

I’m stricken and damned,

The nation’s no more,

Serenade me.


I gave her life,

An eye for an eye,

I stare hard at her,

She disappears,

And he’s a poet.


He doesn’t care,

He never cared,

He’s but a brute,

He brutalises,

He rapes slowly.


You’re nothing to him,

You’re a conquest,

One in a line,

The guilty party,

You’re innocent.


The light of day,

The light of life,

They’re old and sorry,

We’re sad and sorry,

She dresses up.


He shakes and trembles,

That was the past,


She’s constantly sick,

He ignores wisely.




Count me for dead,

A suicide risk,

Is it urgent?

Leave me alone,

In peace.


It’s too early,

Keep it down,

Walk from side to side,

Have no sympathy,

Where were you?

Where was she?

I took her home,

I live here too,

She’s held captive,

She’s captivated,

She’s my prisoner,

I’m her prisoner,

She lost the plot,

I lost it too,

She strikes me,

A long afternoon.


Leave her be,

Arise early,

Don’t wake her,

Sweet nothings,

Step out silently.


She sleeps like a stone,

Wine and breakfast,

A long night of drinking,

A cup of coffee. Two,

She’s vulnerable,

I now understand,

You’re incorrect,

We’re in the right,

He was all around,

He invited you out,

You ought to have gone,

Forget me,

I’ve forgotten you ….

Clearly not.


Will you reach out?

I didn’t think so,

What do you want?

This will be your question,

I’m sorry for you ….

This is false,

I never cared for you,

I said as such!

I misspoke,

I replied,

I took your words,

I took his name,

A day in bed ….

Your life,

A sorry state.


Work in groups,

Write a poem,

I refuse,

I erred,

I was mistaken,

It’s poetic, dear.


Pen a letter,

Christmas day,

Christmas eve,

I sat outside,

You were hours,

I had hours.


You were generous,

You had misgivings,

You eyed me cautiously,

Your sister’s the one,

She’ll be the one,

I’ll do her no wrong,

I couldn’t show my face,

Never again,

There was no one else,

There’s no one else.


I’m afraid,

I’m outside,

Look out your window,

I’m leaving,

I’ll never return,

Don’t come over,

It’s insignificant,

Sit on a terrace,

A long day’s done,

I’m far from ease.


Sadly in the capital,

I threaten you,

Wait a while,

False friends,

I thought of you,

Say what you will,

I’ll do as I wish,

I’m free.


I’m now done for,

The story’s at an end,

Our story,

I regret,

Who is it?

Don’t you worry,

It’s forbidden fruit,

She’s forbidden,

I won’t see you,

You won’t see me,

Asleep in my own bed,

Consecutive evenings,

It’s a miracle,

Toss and turn,

Nothing’s in mind,

There’s a void,

A black hole,

I’m amiss,

I miss you,



He’s no more,

I still hear him,

His dear voice,

His deep voice.


He was guilty,

A vice or two,

On the coast,

The Greek islands.


Don’t wait too long,

We waited,

Word came through,

You’re not needed.


Don’t call us,

You had your chance,

You blew it,

You had your time.


He’s hard on you,

Next year’s worse,

Don’t celebrate,

Invite a friend.


He’s a fiend,

That’s myself,

I wrote of this,

I was aware.


Public figures,


Sorrowful men,

They’re at home.


In a cell,

Chained to walls,

Provide for him,

Your only son.


He’s a model,

Tall and thin,

He’s handsome,

He’s adored.


Don’t reply,

You’re shut off,

You lose your mind,

Claw at walls.


Turn around,

You’re unknown,

They’ll forget,

You’re all doomed.


Passionate nights,

They still find me,

They’ll look you up,

Today’s the day.


You’re busy,

He trusted you,

I didn’t work,

There’s nothing more.


Sign a contract,

You’re locked in,

You’ve been damned,

It’s a crisis.



Sleep away life,

I’m impatient,

I’m drowsy.


I’m on my own,

This minute’s mine,

I’m anxious,

Hours to waste.


They despise you,

So do I,

Talk to yourself,

Remain sane.


Concentrate, hope,

She’s included,

Keep them posted,

They won’t help you.


Feel supported,

Respect wishes,

She’s a stickler,

Don’t send me far.


I retire,

I’ve given up,

I owe nothing

Despite the theft.


They broke me,

My spirit,

I fought hard,

They’re against me.


Head in hands,

Heads against walls,

Rooms for smoking,

There’s a window.


Watch the scene,

Watch the stage,

The show begins,

We’re without luck.


View me kindly,

Toss me a scrap,

We’re scavengers

Come Monday.


I feel alone,

I am alone,

You’re nothing,

I die in vain.


There’s no water,

I dehydrate,

A slow demise,

I was much loved ….





Walk with a witch,

She follows me

On the way home.


Stand up tall, proud,

You’re beautiful,

What a smile,

Bathed in sunlight,

Caress you close,

Starlight shines down.


Never forget,

Sorry tales,

Bid them adieu,

Now I return,

I’m most ashamed,

Poor relation,

That’s me, they say,

My head’s covered,

That’s you. Sorry.


My bearded friend,

He’s now absurd,

I feel for her,

His lovely wife,

We’ve lost his face,

He’s an outlaw,

Known by them all,

All who matter.


You promised me,

I took your word,

I believed you,

I sat alone,

I’m not welcome,

Doors remain shut,

Locked, barred windows.


I write to her,

She reads my words,

Impassioned words,

There’s nothing here,

I’m not lying,

I speak the truth,

You’re far from me,

I stare you down.


Broken mirrors,

Shattered glass, dreams,

He’s dark, gladly,

Will I be shocked?

I’ve nought to add,

Nothing to say.


I’ll be discreet,

In and out. Go!

A stealth mission,

Why be so cruel?

I’m now desperate,

Human contact,

I’m without this,

I’m not in need.


Sleep beside me,

I’m at peace here,

I’m at rest there,

Eternal rest,

Vandalise graves,

Then you’ll be cursed,

Raid tombs and such,

Then you’ll be damned.


You’re underground

With your riches,

Pay attention,

Read carefully,

A sacred text,

My testament,

My final will,

Cut family out,

Friends benefit,

Here’s my fortune

Read on the cards.


It’s not allowed,

There’s no respect,

They spit on me,

I accuse them,

They deny, lie,

Will I miss them?

There’s no entry.


You’ve been refused,

I can’t reach him,

He has answers,

He’s been chosen.


They come early,

I’m at a loss,

It’s Saturday,

It’s summertime,

It’s freezing cold,

They still work hard.


Bins in hallways,

I ask questions,

This isn’t real,

You don’t belong,

What’s your first name?

It’s unimportant,

Sir, sister, son.


A lunch of death,

There’s roasting flesh,

A new treatment,

It’s effective,

Not quite. Not yet,

Long days ahead,

The tide goes out,

Lakes overflow,

Swampy marshland.


Lie in the dirt,

Fleas cover you,

They suck your blood,

They sing to you,

The record’s scratched,

It skips sadly.


Into the valley,

I misunderstood,

He’s from here,

Long fingernails,

He shook my hand,

He kissed her cheeks,

Then, there was a party.


She’s a true friend,

She became a true friend,

She’ll soon be on her way,

I’ll be left alone,

My usual state.


I recall a previous home,

A temporary home,

I met her there,

She led me astray,

We missed the event,

I missed her,

No final meal,

Not even a drink,

I fell into old habits.


She was there,


Unnaturally white,

How do you get them so?…


An old woman,

A quarter of a century,

She arrived,

She remains,

She’s ill at ease,

Make futile efforts,

Surveillance cameras,

No one’s watching.


It’s after dark,

The noonday sun,

Tie your hair back,

Look the part.


Tell me you’re safe,

You’ve my only friend,

She, he …. It’s true,

Memorise poetry,

Recite a song,

It’s an opera.


There’s no more need,

I must …. We must,

‘My god’, they say,


I see where she resides,

It’s paradisical,

I could have joined her,

Maybe I erred,

I’ll never know ….

She’s gone.


I lied daily,

Every morning,

I was faithful,

You’re mistaken,

Seek help,

The help is wise,

You outsmart him,

You try,

He’s seen it all,

He beats me,

I concede defeat,

But he says you’re wrong.


I’m right!

Bite your tongue,

There are stepping stones,

Give me your hand,

Not yours.


She was faded,

She was washed out,

She did me a favour,

I was unappreciative.


I hoped she’d call,

Birthday, Christmas, new year,

They speak lowly,

He doesn’t say a word,

‘Help me’,

I turn away.


Turn around!

I won’t change my mind,

You won’t change.


I’m new here,

I walked in mud,

My pants are dirtied,

Dirtied around the ankle.


No amount of cleaning ….

It’s untraditional,

It’s most encouraging,

She helped me through it,

She inspired me,

I lacked belief,

I didn’t believe her.


The wrong side of the river ….

Where will you stay?

No reply,

You got what you came for.


A child’s voice,

A young woman,

Follow the winding road,

We’re out of town,

In the country,

Picking daisies.


An article in English,

She writes well,

She signs her name.


I’m immune to it,

I’ve been vaccinated,

The drugs wear off.