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April 13, 2019

It’s Saturday,

Out they come,


It’s fine,


Run and hide.



In the corner,

A song in mind,

A long absence,

A death,

An absence.


Don’t reply,


A pretext,

He’s back home,

A secret,

Dark secrets.


Go without,

Clear the table,


A throbbing head,

A growing brain,

It’s flawed.


Still ….


It reappears,

Surface waste,


A wife scorned.


Return in silence,

Secret sorrows,

Pluck a note,

Strum a chord

In her honour,

She’s nameless.


No reply,

She won’t reply,

She doesn’t,

Look her over,

Look her up and down,

A second bride.


Hold hands,

Holy ghosts,

Against the wall

In the dark,

Go to ground,

Shut it down.


He’ll understand,

The youngest son,

The eldest,

Without a roof,

Without a prayer,

Hope for too much.


Don’t say a word,

She’s forsaken,

Her trust’s betrayed,

He’s oddly here,

He oddly hears,

He misunderstands.


Away in Rome,

Why does he bother?

Put guitars down,

Put him down,

Weep softly,

He suffers alone.


Too much pride,

He was afraid,

It was dark,

Dark skin,

Tall and dark,

Short and fair.


She went away,

She’s away,

She’s still away,

She’ll stay away,

She’ll stray,

She’ll betray.


He arrives,

Ever confident,

Pretty boy smile,

The second choice,

A substitute,

A replacement.


It’s hard here,

Move towards fear,

Bellow loud,

Below deck,

Seas part,

The lord arrives.


She’s coming,

She’s on her way,

Her way out,

Build on wisdom,

Add stories,

Final straws.


Remain with love,

Without hope,

Disease free,

Live longly,


Poor daughter.


It ends with her,

She was brilliant,

She’s nothing,

Toast her,

Roast her,

Break her.


Hence, she’s broken,

Well prepared,

An onslaught,

Avenge her,

See her weakness,

Leave her to drown.


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